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교역자 소개

담임목사   Senior Pastor 


김영훈 목사
Rev. Younghoon Kim

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사역자   Full-time and Part-time Staffs

조희원 목사
Rev. Heewon Cho

예배, 행정, 청장년
(703) 448-1131 ext.109

예수님을 만나고 예수님을 닮아가길 원하시는 분들을 예배에 초대합니다. 함께 신령과 진정으로 예배하는 기쁨과 은혜가 저와 교우분들의 삶에 충만하길 소망합니다.
김종남 목사
Rev. Jongnam Kim

신앙교육, 청년, 새가족
(703) 448-1131 ext.110

“주님의 말씀은 내 발의 등불이요 내 길의 빛입니다”(시119:105)라는 고백을 공유하면서 영적인 여정(Spiritual Journey)을 함께 할 지체들을 와싱톤 한인교회 공동체에서 만나게 하심에 감사드립니다. 믿음의 공동체를 통한 우리의 만남이 하나님의 섭리 안에서 주어지는 은혜임을 우리 모두가 고백할 수 있기를 소망합니다. 주 안에서 사랑합니다. 


변정민 목사
Rev. Jungmin Byon

온라인 사역, 시니어 (I.T & Senior Ministry)
(703) 448-1131 ext.110

하나님 사랑과 이웃 사랑을 실천하며, 행복하게 예배하고 교제하는 아름다운 공동체를 함께 만들어나가기를 소망합니다. 
Daniel Cho 목사
Rev. Daniel Cho

차세대 사역 – OMEGA Youth Ministry (중고등부)
(703) 448-1131 ext.106

Pastor Danny was born in Boonton, NJ. As a young child, he was blessed to have lived in many different parts of the world, especially in Russia. He graduated from SUNY Buffalo and obtained his M. Div at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C. It was there that he met and married his beautiful wife, Cathy. They have three children Abby, Ethan, and Elizabeth.
He loves connecting with people and teaming up with other friends and colleagues in ministry at a deeper level. He is passionate in mending the relationships between the first and second generation. He loves playing and watching sports. He is a loyal NY sports fan. He loves good ethnic food. His favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry.
강대진 전도사
Pastor Joseph Kang

차세대 사역 – OMEGA (중고등부) & Kingdom Kids (어린이)
(703) 448-1131 ext.110

Pastor Joe grew up in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University. He then attended Biblical Seminary in Philadelphia while joyfully serving in NJ as a worship and youth pastor. God continued to use Pastor Joe in New Jersey to expand and grow different churches and worship ministries until this past April. He then opened the door for Pastor Joe to come serve in Virginia through KUMC of GW.He loves to encourage the next generation to worship God and find their true calling as disciples of Jesus Christ. Throughout the years, Pastor Joe has mentored artists, worship leaders, and other students that have unique gifts and seen how they can transform the culture for the sake of the Gospel.


Tarah Lee 목사
Rev. Tarah Lee

차세대 사역 – Kingdom Kids (어린이)
(703) 448-1131 ext.105

Pastor Tarah Lee was born in Pusan, South Korea and at the age of 4, immigrated to Canada where she grew up and attended university and began her pastoral ministries. She has been in pastoral ministries for over 30 years serving as children’s pastor, youth pastor and education pastor. Her husband Rev. David Ryu is currently the lead pastor at Charity UMC in Virginia Beach. She has two children (Andrew, 21 and Kaitlin, 17).
She loves to play sports and having people over and sharing a meal together has been a joy in disciple-making. The doors to the church are always open and we hope that all who enter, will experience God’s abundant grace here at KUMC of Greater Washington.
김승석 선교사
Rev. Kyle Wilson

멕시코 나다니엘 센터
(9919) 12-82-34