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Advent Devotion "SENT" – Day 5

  • Create by: Hungsu Lim

    [Advent Devotion] Day 5 “Jesus is Sent for All”

    “The angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.” (Luke 2:10 NRSV)

    I often wonder about the word all in this verse. God’s good news is good news of great joy for all people. At first it seems easy to believe the good news is for all people; but when we look at the way most of us dole out love and mercy, we must admit we’re really quite selective with it. The truth is that it’s hard to believe the good news is for everybody. In fact, it’s overwhelming to consider it.

    It reminds me of the times when my wife comes into the living room after I have been playing with my three daughters. Let me set the scene. We have the Legos out, and we are eating popcorn. A fort has been built out of couch cushions, and there are some items scattered on the floor that were displaced when we were wrestling near the coffee table. We’ve read some books and done a little homework, and there is evidence that some leftover Halloween candy has been eaten. It probably has taken us only twenty minutes to create this scene. Then in walks Rachel, and she pronounces, “All right, guys, we have to pick all this stuff up.”

    Immediately we want to know what she means by all.

    You mean the Legos and the popcorn? Yes. And the couch-cushion fort? Yes. And the mess from wrestling? Yes. The books? The homework? The candy wrappers? Yes, yes, yes. We realize that when she said all this stuff, what she meant was all this stuff. It’s a little overwhelming. All is overwhelming.

    In God’s story we hear that the good news of reconciliation is for all the people, and we wonder what God means by all.

    The people who look like us? Yes. The people who don’t? Yes. The old people who seem to have been passed by? Yes. The pregnant teenage moms? Yes. The young men who have a plan but then life takes a crazy turn? Yes. The rich folks who seem to have it all figured out but are dying on the inside? Yes. The working folks, such as third-shift shepherds? Yes.

    The good news of reconciliation is for all of these people. We look at one another and realize that what God meant by all was all, and it is a little overwhelming. But it is good news!

    God has good news of great joy to share, and it is for everybody. On the first Christmas, the message was shouted from the skies, and we should shout it too. Amazingly, the way God gets the message out is through us. We become like the angels in the story who go and tell all the people that Jesus has come—for all. Jesus was sent into the world to reconcile all people to God, and we are being sent into the world to share this message with all the people God puts before us.

    Where is God sending you today? To whom is God sending you?

    PRAYER: Send me, O God, with the good news of great joy of this season—the news of reconciliation. Jesus has come and is coming. May I join the angels in proclaiming it to all the people you put before me. Amen.

    (from “SENT: Devotion” Week 1 – Jesus Reconciles by Jacob Armstrong)


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